Saturday, November 10, 2012

LAC Oscar Hawk

Oscar, the hawk mascot of the station bombing flight, pictured with Wing Commander Delhaye, Flight Lieutenant Friesen, "Oscar", LAC John Gyorffy, keeper of the hawk and Squadron Leader G.M. Ross. Oscar was captured when a few days old by Flying Officer Dean Ashworth, who was serving as a staff pilot at Dafoe. It was reported that Oscar was given initial flight training, but his first solo ended disastrously when he crashed into the side of the station control tower while trying to execute a three-point landing on the telephone wires. "Roscoe", his companion in the hawk squadron was not present for the photo as he was confined to barracks for 14 days for various infractions of station regulations. July 9, 1941: The Station's youngest 'trainee' took his first solo flight today - and it nearly ended disastrously.'Oscar' the youngest member of the newly-formed 'Hawk Squadron' is a weeks' old hawk, captured sometime ago by Flying Officer Dean Ashworth of the Bombing Flight. Flying Officer Ashworth, while out hunting near the camp shot a mother hawk, and on reaching her nest, found orphaned Oscar, then just a few days old. Oscar was brought back to the Station and immediately adopted as the official mascot of the Bombing Flight. October 6, 1941: LAC Oscar Hawk, the feathered mascot of the Bombing Flight died from injuries received when he crashed into a hangar during a training flight. Oscar the Hawk was well known to all personnel, having practically grown up with the Station, and it is with regret that we record his untimely death.